Update v0.3

Acest update a fost elaborat in totalitate de Sami pe data de 25 martie 2019.

Added Adaugat
Ferry system added(its route is Ocean Docks - Longpoint - Greenland - Ocean Docks). The ferry can be found at Ocean Docks. Once started, it will head to Longpoint, will stay for 3 minutes and will head to Greenland. Once arrived at Greenland will stay 3 minutes and will go back to Ocean Docks. Sistem vapor(ruta acestuia este Ocean Docks - Longpoint - Greenland - Ocean Docks). Vaporul poate fi gasit in zona Ocean Docks. Odata pornit, acesta va merge la Longpoint, va stationa 3 minute si va porni spre Greenland. Odata ajuns la Greenland va stationa 3 minute si apoi va porni inapoi spre Ocean Docks.
Weight Check System(WCS). WCS verifies your cargo load, more exactly if you are overloaded or not. There have been created some control stations in different areas. If you pass them without checking your load you will be fined and you will receive 5 stars wanted level. If you stop: if you are not overloaded you will continue your route, but if you are overloaded you will be fined and you will receive 2 stars wanted level. Sistem de verificare a incarcaturii(WCS). WCS verifica incarcatura pe care o transporti, mai exact daca esti supraincarcat. Au fost create niste statii de control in diferite zone. Daca treci pe langa ele fara sa verifici incarcatura vei primi o amenda si 5 stele. Daca opresti: daca nu esti supraincarcat iti vei continua ruta, iar daca esti supraincarcat vei primi o amenda si 2 stele, apoi iti vei putea continua ruta.
Apartment system in Los Santos Beach area. Sistem apartamente in zona Los Santos Beach.
Rob system. Rob points are earned at every payday. If a player has 10 rob points, he/she can rob The Bank of Los Santos typing /rob in the interior of it, in the front of a safe. The location of the bank can be found typing /gps. Sistem rob. Punctele rob sunt primite la fiecare payday. Daca un jucator detine 10 puncte rob poate jefui banca din Los Santos tastand /rob in interiorul acesteia, in fata unui seif. Locatia bancii poate fi aflata cu ajutorul comenzii /gps.
Gun shop added in Los Santos. Players can find its location by typing /gps. Magazin de arme in orasul Los Santos. Jucatorii pot afla locatia acestui cu ajutorul comenzii /gps.

Fixed Imbunatatit
Peformance improved at many systems. Performanta multor sisteme a fost imbunatatita.