Update v1.1

Acest update a fost elaborat in totalitate de Sami pe data de 30 mai 2019.

Added Adaugat
Daily missions system added. For more informations, players can type /missions. Sistem de misiuni zilnice. Pentru mai multe detalii jucatorii pot tasta /misiune.
Billboard system added. For more details players can use command /call service 223 and /help. If a player owns a billboard he/she can type /mybillboard. A fost adaugat un sistem de panouri publicitare. Pentru mai multe detalii jucatorii pot tasta /call service 223 sau /help. Daca un jucator detine un panou poate tasta /mybillboard.

Fixed Imbunatatit
Anti-cheat system was improved. Sistemul anti-cheat a fost imbunatatit.
Every player receives between 1-3 gold at every mission done. Fiecare jucator primeste intre 1-3 gold la fiecare misiune facuta.
New house system. Now the players can buy a house, rent it, give the keys to other players, use the house safe and they can buy furniture. For more details players can ask an administrator or use command /help. Sistem de case nou. Acum jucatorii pot cumpara o casa, o pot inchiria, pot da cheile acesteia altor jucatori, pot folosi seiful casei si pot cumpara mobila. Pentru mai multe detalii jucatorii pot tasta /help.
New personal vehicles system. For more details type /help or ask an administrator. Sistem de vehicule personale nou. Pentru mai multe detalii tastati /help sau intrebati un administrator.