Update v1.5.4

Acest update a fost elaborat de Sami si blacklife pe data de 11 aprilie 2020.

Added Adaugat
Factory system. There are 7 factory types: Sawmill (cost: $ 800,000), Mine (cost: $ 1,000,000), Steel Refinery (cost: $ 1,200,000), Oil Refinery (cost: $ 1,800,000), Plastic Factory (cost : $ 2,100,000), Car Factory (cost: $ 3,000,000), Petrol Refinery (cost: $ 5,000,000). The factories will produce a certain number of materials every 5 hours. Also every 5 hours the owners of the factories will pay production costs specified in the details of the factory. The factory has a maximum number of materials that can be stored. When the maximum number is reached it will not produce anything. To clear the factory warehouse you have to sell the produced materials (see menu /myfactory - Sell production). To buy a factory you need a bank account. If the funds in the bank account are insufficient, the factory will go into insolvency. From this moment the owners have 5 hours to redress the situation, otherwise it will go bankrupt and will be sold automatically to the state without the owner receiving any compensation. The factory can exit the insolvency state if the owner deposits money in the bank, then from the /myfactory menu chooses the Cancel Factory Evicting option. Sistem de fabrici. Fabricile sunt de 7 tipuri: Sawmill(costa: 800.000$), Mine(costa: 1.000.000$), Steel Refinery(costa: 1.200.000$), Oil Refinery(costa: 1.800.000$), Plastic Factory(costa: 2.100.000$), Car Factory(costa: 3.000.000$), Petrol Refinery(costa: 5.000.000$). Fabricile vor produce o data la 5 ore un anumit numar de materiale. Tot o data la 5 ore detinatorii fabricilor vor plati costuri de productie precizate la detaliile fabricii. Fabrica are un numar maxim de materiale ce pot fi depozitate. Cand numarul maxim este atins aceasta nu va mai produce nimic. Pentru a elibera depozitul fabricii trebuie sa vindeti materialele produse(vezi meniul /myfactory - Sell production). Pentru a cumpara o fabrica aveti nevoie de un cont bancar. Daca fondurile din contul bancar sunt insuficiente, fabrica va intra in insolventa. Din acest moment detinatorii au la dispozitie 5 ore pentru a redesa situatia, iar in cazul contrat aceasta va da faliment si va fi vanduta automat la stat fara ca detinatorul sa primeasca vreo despagubire. Fabrica poate iesi din starea de insolventa daca detinatorul depune bani in banca, apoi din meniul /myfactory alege optiunea Cancel Factory Evicting.
New classes: Fireman, Train driver, Road worker. Clase noi: Pompier, Conductor de tren, Lucrator la drumuri.
You can now listen to youtube music using /ytplayer. Poti asculta muzica de pe youtube tastand /ytplayer.

Fixed Imbunatatit
Improved anti-cheat system. A fost imbunatatit sistemul anti-cheat.
Improved ferry system. A fost imbunatatit sistemul de feribot.
Solved minor problems, including internal database problem. Au fost rezolvate probleme minore, inclusiv o problema la baza de date.
Improved personal vehicles system. A fost imbunatatit sistemul de vehicule personale.